Come back is real …

Today I made a decision to start writing again after a long time, the reason is not what it used to be. More than that, I made it because I really want to re-train how to write, not only content, vocabulary, but also language.

Yes, I am very happy if the writing was originally a self-reminder but it turned out to be impactful and useful for others. This motivates me when the WordPress comments that appear via email. I’ve been wanting to write again for a long time, but I can’t get the right momentum to start.

And this the momentum…

This is my first sharing not using Bahasa, during the break I got a lot of good experiences from people around me. The results make my mind more open to sharing what I have learned, sharing with one person is good, sharing with many people is extraordinary.

This means that if my previous sharing uses Bahasa only will make people outside Indonesia not read my blog, even though what they are looking for is here but they have difficulty understanding it. Well if it is already in English, it will help them, and helps others too.

You Don’t love Bahasa?
Wow, love the Bahasa does not mean not learning another language right?

Why must be English?
In fact, if you are looking for references on Google or Wikipedia you will find out more references using English than Bahasa.

I started from this blog and this article first, in the future there will be many topics that we will discuss. Stay at the initial goal which is for self reminder, but if it turns out to be useful I say Allhamdulillah.

I really hope we can share inspiration here as well as criticism and suggestions. Because besides we can correct ourselves it can be our shortcut to learning something without having to experience it first.

The method that I used, writing in Bahasa first so that I remained focused on the topic and content so that the purpose of this sharing could be conveyed, after all I convert it into English. I agree this does look ineffective, but its called progress right? Because

We Learn . . .
10% of what we read,
20% of what we hear
30% of what we see
50% of what we see and hear,
70% of what we discuss,
80% of what we experience
95% of what we teach others.

Okay, maybe it’s enough to warm up before we start the next topic. See ya 🙂


AppDelegate, Protocols, Design Pattern di Objective-C dan Swift

Mari kita mulai dari persamaan yang ada di Objective-C dan Swift. Objective-C dan Swift menggunakan iOS Frameworks dan Design Pattern yang sama. Sedangkan perbedaannya ada di cara menghandle nil, batasan pada mutabiliy dan juga tipe yang ada, seperti gambar berikut:


Nah karena Design Pattern yang digunakan oleh Objective-C sama dengan Swift, maka syntax yang digunakan Obj-C kurang lebih sama dengan Swift.

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Implimentasi Firebase Notification di Android

Melanjutkan Project Chatting di postingan ini, maka di postingan kali ini kita akan coba mengimplementasikan notification di dalamnya. Butuh waktu beberapa hari untuk saya baru bisa publish postingan tentang Notification Firebase ini, hal ini dikarenakan saya mengalami beberapa kendala saat implementasi Notification.

Nah sebelum saya share kendala apa saja yang saya alami saat mengimplementasikan notification ini, ada baiknya kita terlebih dahulu membahas apa itu Firebase notification, kenapa harus Firebase Notification, dan bagaimana mengimplementasikan Firebase Notification.

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Jojo Bukber di Ramadhan 1437 H

Jojo BukberYup, Ramadhan kali ini ada nuansa baru dari Ramadhan sebelumnya. Khususnya acara bukber, karna bukber kali ini bersama Tim Jojo pada puasa ke 20 baru deh Jojo Bukber dieksekusi. Nah, yang jadi target lokasi santapannya adalah… Hanamasa makan sepuasnya.

Gggrrr..,, aligator udah nyiapin menu santap makanan. Gak banyak nanya, semua tim langsung menyerbu… piring di tangan kiri, jepitan kepiting di tangan kanan, lalu sumpit di gigi. hahah 😀

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Template Design Pattern

Salam pagi semua, kali ini saya tertarik untuk membahas salah satu design pattern yang sering saya gunakan dan juga ingin membagikannya kepada logbook reader. Sesuai Cover nya, design pattern yang akan kita bicarakan disini adalah Template Design Pattern. Ini sebenarnya design pattern yang sudah lama ada, tapi tetap exist sampe sekarang. Ok, mari kita pelajari kembali apa maksud dari Template Design Pattern ini.

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